Dermal filler

We get lots of questions about dermal filler at Seven Trees Aesthetics. Men and women both come to us with questions about how dermal filler can help them achieve their aesthetic goals.

Dermal filler is made up of a modified form of HA or hyaluronic acid which is a sugar that is naturally occurring in your body. The HA used in dermal filler is in the form of an injectable gel used beneath the skin. We can use this to give our clients long-lasting, natural results that are immediate. With age our skin loses some of its elasticity due to genetic and environmental factors leading to wrinkles, loss of volume and lines. Dermal filler helps to restore some of this loss.

Some common places we use dermal fillers include; Cheeks, vertical lip lines, lips and in other facial lines such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

Cheek filler can be used to restore volume to flattened cheeks. As we age our cheeks lose volume resulting in sagging skin and loss of a youthful shape . Cheek filler helps to give you a smoother, contoured and younger look. You will LOVE how this looks! Think natural and beautiful, not overdone and fake.

Lip filler is a very common procedure at Seven Trees Aesthetics. Lip fullness varies from person to person. Some people were born with thinner lips while others have noticed some thinning of the lip tissue over time. We will select the right filler for your wishes to restore, augment and give you the lips you have been hoping for. Again, think natural and beautiful!

We love to provide dermal filler services to our clients in Northern Colorado including, Windsor, Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Berthoud, Timnath, Severance, Johnstown and beyond.

Whether you are looking for lip filler, cheek filler, or are not sure what you might want or benefit from we are here to help you with that process.

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Here at Seven Trees dermal filler is always done by our certified Physician Assistants-Mollie Wolf or Paige Hobbs. Together they have over 35 years of medical expertise to provide you with the most skilled, safe and beautiful results.