Love Handles

Love Handles

Seven Trees Aesthetics offers a specialized treatment to help reduce the appearance of persistent love handles. Located in Windsor, Colorado, we prioritize helping you sculpt your body for a more toned look and doing away with those bothersome areas that do not respond to traditional methods. Our treatment provides a transformative solution to help you feel confident and happy with your body.

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EmSculpt Neo

Are you looking for a revolutionary way to contour and shape your body? Introducing EmSculpt Neo – a non-invasive body contouring treatment. This treatment can help you get the toned and sculpted look you’ve always wanted. Utilizing a combination of radiofrequency and high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energies, EmSculpt Neo works to build muscle and eliminate fat in targeted areas — like love handles — providing you with a holistic solution for achieving your desired look. EmSculpt Neo is the perfect way to embrace the power of body contouring.

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Medical Weight Loss

Our Medical Weight Loss program can help you lose those stubborn love handles and achieve a comprehensive body transformation. Our experts will guide you through the process, creating a personalized plan that combines medical expertise, nutrition advice, and lifestyle modifications to help you reach your desired weight loss goals. Through our program, you will be able to shed unwanted pounds, gain control of your health, and sculpt a slimmer, healthier figure.

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At Seven Trees Aesthetics, we understand the disappointment and frustration of dealing with stubborn love handles. We are committed to helping you reach your body goals with the help of our advanced treatments, such as EmSculpt Neo and Medical Weight Loss. Our treatments help you take back control of your body and help you achieve the figure you want. With our treatments, you can gain the confidence that comes with having a toned and sculpted silhouette.

Ready to bid farewell to Lovehandles and welcome a more confident you? Contact Seven Trees Aesthetics to schedule your consultation today to enjoy a more sculpted, radiant appearance.

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